Time to Dance


I took my evening stroll as I often do
this night, invisible threads, giving me a pull.

I turned around, to feel the ground

Give way under my shoes
Soulful eyes looked so deep in me

A chill ran through

I summoned up the courage to ask what’s your name?

Silence, then I hear, you’ve been in my dreams

Do you believe in miracles
or just leave life to chance
I’m not crystal clear, but now we’re here, so tell me

Do you love to dance

We talkin’ tango, we talkin’ trot, I love to samba

I dance a lot
Would ya love to mambo or do the stroll

Break some hip hop

Or rock and roll

But on this this night, let’s take some precious time and dance slow

We swayed until the morning light, coulda’ been anytime to me perfection, living in the moment dancing endlessly

Closer and closer thru the night our fate would not recede
now I know what a mystery

This unnamed dreamer, dreamed

We do the tango
We do the stroll
We break some hip hop
We rock and roll
and we take our sweet time, soul to soul

Life’s rhythms are everywhere to be seen
Look in the waves, the rainbows, autumn leaves every time we dance, we celebrate all we dream

Now I know the difference
when touched by fate, not chance
so make the wish, souls of light
at the sign…

When it’s time to dance

Copyright © 2024 Hewitt Stevens Music