Hewitt Stevens

New Macs Farm

On the old MacDonald family farm
There were so many things to do
With a country store
And a roadside stand
And a barnyard petting zoo
With a bah bah here and a buc buc there
Snow white bunnies and an old grey mare
Bright red barns and
Fields of gold
And a dog named breeze
Chewin on his bone
And the people came
From many miles around
To pick fresh fruit from trees
And fill their baskets full
With natural food
Grown from heirloom seeds
But winds of change
Were blowin hard and
Soon mac heard bad news
Big Agra’s buyin up all the
Neighbor farms
To cage up pigs in pens
Raised on modified corn
Ay yay yay yay yay
Ten thousand swine
Would soon surround
The paradise Mac made
And winds of change
Smelled so foul
His buyers ran away
Now ole Mac had a son
Named Willy B
That boy could think outside the box
Young willy came up with a
High tech plan
And here’s what he told Pop
You gotta sell the sheep
At the county fair
And buy ourselves a fleet of drones
Yup, and we’re gonna fly farm to table
Fresh direct from home
Serving shut ins here, widowers there
Workin moms, ain’t got the time to prepare
And so many more po
You gotta believe
Want home made food
Like we grow right here
Macs fleet of drones soon filled the air
High flyin high over hill and dale
And the media named them “foody birds”
They got headlines cross the land
Now MacDonald and his foody birds
Got their 15 minutes of fame
And the pig boys , well, they got the sorry news
Gonna boycott swine penned and caged
Now there’s a lesson here and it’s crystal clear
When ya think there’s just no way
When dealin with a lemon dilemma
Just make lemonade
Now the new MacDonald family farm
Delivers fresh squeezed Will B
Pizza pies, curly fries, veggie plates
And carrot cakes, sweet peas in a pod, sweet
Corn on the cob and of course
They fly Mac n cheese!
By drones?? Uh huh

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