Celebrate Belize


Rollin’ down the hummingbird Highway
As far as the eye can see
Citrus Groves carpet the valleys
Like a dream made just for me

Where toucans glide from treetops
Black orchids they burst with bloom
Steel blue light any moonlit night
Illuminates my way back home

Just a little slice of heaven, shelter from life’s storms
That quiet place I lay my head
A tonic for my soul

Soon reach the end of the highway
Soon catch scent of the sea
Lagoons, they wander thru mangroves
Palm trees do their dance in the breeze

Hammock time can satisfy
But, look here
There’s so much more
Atolls and Cayes
On the Great Western reef
Heritage sites for the world

Locals be divin’ for lobster
Set traps for the catch of the day
And the pelicans patrol
Our Great Blue Hole
Wonderlands in the sea
In sweet Belize

Raise your voice and
Celebrate Belize, celebrate Belize
Sing it loud, sing it proud
Make we celebrate Belize

As we roll down that hummingbird Highway
Dive on the reef or Sunday stroll
Water falling rivers and light rays
Are spectacles to behold

Ancient Mayas live in the Southland
Garifunas along the coast
Mestizo, Chinese and Mennonites
Live side by side
With the Creole folks

All smile wide for strangers
They’re willing to lend a hand
Hard work and play
Every night and day
That’s life in a tropic land
Tropic land

Maya ruins buried in jungles
Set beside the living reef
Mother Nature’s at the helm
Of This rare gem
I call sweet Belize
Sweet Belize

So, make we celebrate Belize
Raise your voice and say
Celebrate Belize
Every night and day
Celebrate Belize
Blessed so many ways
Celebrate Belize
Mother Natures’ way
Celebrate Belize!

Copyright © 2024 Hewitt Stevens Music