Hewitt Stevens

Test of Time

Sometimes I feel like a runaway train
Holding tight to keep control
Somedays like a mountain range
So many highs and lows
Spinning like a Rubik’s Cube
Making everything fit my groove
Never see the forest thru the tree
Everything , was all about me
Then one day, I realized
That’s just my fiction, not my truth
When what you create, stands
The test of time
It’s not all you
I’d be up all night long
Lookin for the perfect rhyme to fit my song
Believing that I’m on my own
Everything was mine… mine alone
I’d rinse, repeat, try another beat
Yeah that sounds good, it’ll fit my words
But the truth is,
There’s another voice to be heard
I put in the time, I do the work,
Gonna make some magic down the line
Deaf & dumb to any other voice but mine
It’s gonna payoff, that’s for sure
If I just tow the line
But, the magic was there
Hiding in plain sight
I been blessed now know the sign
How to tell what’s fiction from what’s true
When what ya do, stands the test of time
Sweet grace came thru
(she wants to dance with you)
Inspiration rides the wind
Moving from without within
(gotta let it in)
Invisible forces find a way
To lend a hand, every day
(they just love to play)
But, you gotta know how to separate
What you think is tried and true
Test of time, gonna let ya know
Grace came thru
(counting on you)
She loves to dance, loves to dance
She loves to dance
With you
Loves to dance, she loves to dance
Let her dance with you
She loves to dance, let her dance
Let her dance with you
(gotta let her in)

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