Salsa Girl


There’s a song bird dancing in the sand on a moonlit night. Bare feet, dreadlocks with shells revealed by the light

Like a midnight movie scene,
or a jitterbug dancin’ in the light of a full moon beam

There’s a wild bird, dancing to the beat of a conga drum
In her own world under a mango tree. Drinkin’ coconut rum

She’s got the rhythm in her soul
Mama says she danced long before she crawled

They call her Salsa Girl
An exotic Caribbean pearl
Give her any kind of beat, feel the ground its movin’ Under your feet

There’s a rare bird dancing to the beat of a different drum in a dream space, believes in her heart
That her day will come

Etched in her mind, her place in the sun before she turned nine

Salsa Girl, an exotic Caribbean pearl
Any kind of beat, feel the ground, its moving
Under your feet

Spicy, exotic, beautiful Salsa Girl

Give her Congas, bongos, steel drums or hollow drift wood
Reggae tone, samba, hip hop or Bossa nova, tango, Cha Cha Cha

There’s a fine bird, head to toe in feathers for the big parade

Hibiscus lined floats glide past the judges on Carnival Day

Takes her place in line
Stand back, watch out, she’s about to blow their minds

The newest Carnival Queen
Livin’ her childhood dream
Any kind a beat
Feel the ground its moving under your feet

Spicy exotic beautiful Salsa Girl 

Congas or bongos, Steel drums or hollow driftwood Reggae tone, Samba, hip hop or Bossa Nova Tango or cha cha cha

But most of all, she loves her Salsa

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