Ain’t Me

I reached out in vain
can’t get through
everywhere I turn
can never find you
need to explain
the change i’ve been through
time to confess
make amends for the hell
I put you through

That final night
you made it crystal clear
we’ve gone too far
over the brink

Truth be told
I’d a grown old
in that ship so ready
to sink

I know you think I’m a wild thing
never gonna change a stripe
a fighter, a cheater
a grifter
more at home in the darkness
than the light

Ain’t me no more
Ain’t me
took a deep dive doin time, found a new me

Bad deeds and words
are gonna haunt me
we all reap what we sow
still dream of the time
you’ll meet and find
this new man
you’d be pleased to know

ain’t me no more
see with new eyes
rock bottom showed me the way
a phoenix can rise

change ain’t easy to come by
fessin up to lies
demon by demon by demon
stared em down, till they died

I know you think
if you never again
laid eyes on that arrogant fool
scars might heal and memories fade
never might be too soon

ain’t me no more, no more, my love
ain’t me
I know words can’t mend a
broken heart, that’s been betrayed

I gotta find a way to touch that heart
repair old injuries
no more promises that turn
to tears of joy
then turn to tears of grief

Ain’t me no more, no more, no more
Ain’t me
I changed my ways and now I know all I can be
Thank the Lord
I could take a deep dive and get to know
a new me

Ain’t me no more, no more, no more
Ain’t Me

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