Magic Carpet Ride


Every night just past eight, my little one starts to fall asleep
Up we go off to bed, it’s dream time for you and your little bear Ted

Then I hear a whisper “Poppy can you stay a while? Before you tuck me in tonight, sing me a lullaby”

Beautiful child when you dream, fly with the angels far away. Have no fear you’re not alone, when morning comes they’ll guide you safely home

Dragon flies with purple wings etch the dream in memories and painted dancers guide your flight, all aboard, for the Magical Carpet Ride

Beautiful child can you see; Chinese lanterns light the street, puppies dance and chase their tails, in the harbor yellow rubber ducks set sail.

As magic carpets fill the air, chasing songbirds everywhere, you’re a little bear Teddy’s by your side, everybody hang on tight, it’s a Magical Carpet Ride.

You can race to the moon and back again by starlight, by starlight, by starlight or dance on a moonbeam lighting up the night sky… everybody’s squealing with delight, laughter echoes through the night… your best friend teddies
by your side, so don’t let go, on the Magical Carpet Ride

Beautiful child spread your wings, in a dream you can do amazing things, you don’t need a magic carpet just to fly…
hot air balloons or double wing kites will do just fine.

Anything scary seen or heard, just push back, Do Not Disturb! Now feel the breezes kiss your cheek, as you fall fast asleep.

The time has come to dim The light and wish you Sweet Dreams, sleep tight, Sweet Dreams ,sleep tight, Sweet Dreams, sleep tight.

Copyright © 2024 Hewitt Stevens Music