Never Give Up


Hey there, my old friend
It’s been a good long while
Raisin his head gave a nod
But, nowhere a smile

Said I just lost my job
That paid the rent
My music remains underground
I play local bars for some tips
You could stay, I’m kicking around

Remember back in our youth
You’d raise the roof
Boy you could tear the whole house down
He lowered his head
Under his breath he said
Yeah, that was then, this is now

Whoa, never give up
No, never give up
Though rough times are hangin’ around
Never give up

It’s hard to believe when you’re lost
One day you’ll be found
But you’ve got the gift for
Original song and sound

Sometimes, even the best are made to wait
For years
You gotta believe
Your time is near

But, you can never give Up
No never give up
Rough times come but, they go
So, never give up

Remember Nelson Mandela
He spent decades in a jail
Belief in himself was the key
To help him prevail

My old friend looked deep within
And he gave a good long sigh
Man, I live everyday with the fear
This is it, till I die

Lemme tell ya
Never, no, no, never
Give up Hope
All things change with time
Don’t give up Hope

He doubled his efforts, doubled his will
With a newfound sense of pride
My old friend
Hit the road again in style

Word is he’s now a download King
He keeps in touch from afar
He’s back to singing, dancing
Jamming on his power guitars

Never give up
Hang on, hang on, hang on
Though tough times
Might be pulling you down
Never give up

Never, no no Never give in or Give up
Remember Tough times come
But they go so,
Never Give Up!

Copyright © 2024 Hewitt Stevens Music