Change is in the Wind

The river keeps rising
and the rain keeps fallin down
no stairs left for climbin
too many days since we touched the ground

Rescues try to keep up
day and night
some could, some might have been
and the street signs that mark
the boulevard
now nowhere to be seen

The wind keeps howlin
like the cry of a runaway train
All twisted up and shattered
not one roof remained

And all that makes up a sacred life
in shreds, now memories
fly past the steeples were
the church bells
toll both night and day

Time’s up, times up, times up
for all that could have been
wake up, wake up. Wake up
change is in the wind

This tale’s been told
by young and old
some still play make believe
sign of the times
we’ve crossed the line
now everybody pays

Temperatures risin
long after the sun went down, no one to blame
just sparks and flame
red skies and a
jet black ground

Dead silence, cross the valley
not a soul, seen or heard
no safety zone, no hiding place
for the animals
and the birds

Time’s up, time’s up, time’s up
all that coulda been
wake up, wake up, wake up
change is in the wind

Wake up, wake up, wake up
Change is in the wind

Wake up, wake up, wake up
Change is in the wind

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