When I was young, I never heard so many rag on the mainstream news, but now we’re all trapped in a world wide web
Full of fakers, fads and fools.

Walking around with our screens in our hands, auto corrected but, we’re Cool! We get too much too soon or too little too late
Hash tag algorithm and blues

Everything keeps changing …now I know that’s a fact of life nobody knows which way it’s gonna go, maybe darkness, maybe light

Everything keeps changing, seems like only the rich will survive, the few who control the world we know are not into compromise.

So many believe in climate change, others been convinced it’s a hoax data comes in and it keeps looking grim, but we can’t agree how to cope.

Big Pharma loves to push their pills with pretty pictures and some
Tales of success

Cause they know you’ll get freaked if you concentrate, on the long list of side effects

How we gonna keep up with all the changes, maybe come together at least some will surely say “yeah that’s the way,” others,
“Yeah what’s in it for me”

Everything keeps changing, we’re living in a great divide Welcome to the rubber room, ain’t no middle ground, here the blind men… lead the blind

Three blind mice … three blind mice… see how they run… see how they run

The doctor’s creed is Do No Harm, pay up, we’d love to give you a hand Then others decide how we live or we die
Your treatments better be in the plan

What’s on our mind is healthcare, but not the stuff we put on our plates Hey its all-you-can-eat-night down at the grease trap and the line is spilling into the street

While everything keeps changing don’t give up your place in line, just do what you’re told
don’t rock the boat … change is just a state of mind

How we gonna keep up with all the changes, living in a great divide… seems to me that the world’s gone mad
The blind man are leading the blind

Three blind mice… three blind mice… see how they run…
See how they run

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