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They say cats have 9 lives and looking back at my own life , I can say that I am now entering my 10th. Actor, Dancer, Cameraman, Producer, Director, Cable TV Pioneer, Network Executive, Architect, Hotelier and now Singer- Songwriter.

Over the years, I had the good fortune to work with some of the finest musicians on the planet while recording Concerts and Events for HBO, SHOWTIME and CBS ENTERTAINMENT.

As far back as I can remember, songs filled my mind as a constant backdrop to my life experiences. Any kind of music.

Although I had the music in me, I kept it hidden from others , intimidated by the talents that influenced me and also dominated the Worldwide Music Business.

I recently entered my 7th decade on this Big Blue Marble and decided: If Not Now…..When?

The songs explore my love of different musical genres, Soul, Folk, Pop, Jazz, Country, Classical, Standards, and Reggae.

Working in very tight spaces with new technologies i.e. a Polyphonic Piano, Electric Guitar, Microphone and Computer, I was able to finally make one more dream come true!

These compositions and more to come are dedicated to all CREATORS at any age who desire to follow their BLISS!

Hewitt  Stevens

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