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They say cats have 9 lives and looking back at my own life , I can say that I am now entering my 10th. Actor, Dancer, Cameraman, Producer, Director, Cable TV Pioneer, Network Executive, Architect, Hotelier and now Singer- Songwriter.

Over the years, I had the good fortune to work with some of the finest musicians on the planet while recording Concerts and Events for HBO, SHOWTIME and CBS ENTERTAINMENT.

As far back as I can remember, songs filled my mind as a backdrop to these life experiences. Any kind of music

Although I had the Music in me, I kept it hidden from others , intimidated by the Talents that dominated the Worldwide Music Business.

I recently entered my 7th decade on this Big Blue Marble and decided: If Not Now…..When?

This debut album “Songs From The Laundry Room” was , in fact, recorded in my laundry room due to space limitations.

I explore my love of different musical genres, Soul, Folk, Pop, Jazz, Country, Classical, Standards, and Reggae; which kinda mimicked a load of laundry with some jeans, tee shirts, undies and a stray sock here and there.

Experimenting with my Polyphonic Piano, Electric Guitar, Microphone and Computer, I was able to finally make one more dream come true!

This Album is dedicated all CREATORS at any age who desire to follow their BLISS!

Hewitt  Stevens

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